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Simultaneous translation, audio guide, radiogid, sear

Our company specializes in the sale and implementation of innovative equipment - a system for simultaneous translation, a travel guide radio equipment (topics), museum of audio guides.
     In this section, we present the best, in our experience, suggestions for each type of equipment. Apart from the current prices and detailed description of the products, you can view the photos and overview videos taken by our company for you. And also on every product page you will be able to use a unique system for our market goods scroll around its axis by 360 degrees.
     Free Shipping to any city in Russia as soon as possible - for absolutely everything, without exception, equipment, predstapvlennogo in this section. We also have partners in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other countries.
     Our specialists will be happy to help you with advice, cost estimate, complex equipment and after-sales service of our equipment.

Check out the equipment by category:

  • Radio guide

    Radio Guide topics systems allow for an excursion in the open air, on a noisy factory or in museums, enabling listeners to be within a radius of more than 100 meters around the guide. To guide uses highly comfortable headset microphone, and universal headphones for listeners to one or two ears.

  • Audio guide

    The audio guides for museums are a special device with pre-loaded recordings trips, the visitor can either alone or in automatic mode to run, depending on the location on the display. This can be set manually number given under each picture, or Auto on excursions from a specially erected beside the picture beacon. Managing audio guides intuitively simple and comfortable.

  • Simultaneous translation

    Equipment for simultaneous translation in business activities in the same room provides up to 8 languages at the same time, within a radius of 100 meters, with the possibility to use a closed booths translators and lightweight desktop double booths. The use of systems of simultaneous interpretation gives the event a high-status, and foreign participants can comfortably communicate with each other.