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whispering equipment

Translated from the French language, the word "chuchoter" means whispering, and is one of the varieties of interpretation.
    The process  of whispering is called "Shushotazh" , and he performed with special equipment in synchronously with speech speaker. Here are the main differences from the usual process of simultaneous interpreting at business events:
- The lack of booths for interpreters;
- The lack of remote control (remote) for interpreters;
- Sometimes even in the absence of an interpreter headphones.
   As a result, simultaneous interpreter listens to it rapporteur "live" without the use of sound amplification systems and personal translation headphones, and then whispers to translate into super-sensitive microphone connected to a mobile transmitter. Microphone in simultaneous interpreter can be lapel, or head. In any case, thanks to the high sensitivity microphone, the interpreter can speak very quietly, without disturbing the participants listen to a speech the speaker.

The transmitter simultaneous interpreter is a mobile analogue fixed transmitters used in conventional simultaneous translation, and is powered by batteries, providing complete freedom of movement around the room. Listeners same as the conventional synchronous translation, distributed receivers with headphones.