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Technical support of events is  a  very specific question and has a lot of nuances. It is a normal situation when you face up with many  questions about the equipment, the need for its order, the organization of the whole process of personnel, etc.
     In this section, we have compiled the most common questions and answered them, so you can get the most complete picture of the work with us. You can also ask a question, using the convenient form of sending messages at the bottom of the page.

  • Can all the participants to speak and listen at the same time?

    The system works Radio Guide: A guide speaks into a microphone transmitter, and all his listeners hear in the headphones of his receivers.
    The system works Simultaneous translation: the translator heard live speech speaker pronounces its translation into the microphone transmitter and foreign listeners hear his translation headphones receivers.
    At the same time talking and listening to the guide and the audience is impossible.

  • On which depends price of equipment for simultaneous translation?

    The cost is mainly influenced by two components: the number of languages involved in the event (Russian, English, German, etc.) and the the number of listeners who need personal receivers headphones for simultaneous translation.

  • Why need you use for simultaneous translation audio equipment?

    Professional simultaneous interpreters work only in closed headphones in that they need to signal to the right microphone with a comfortable volume, otherwise the interpreter will not be able to work. To do this, use microphones in the hall - desktop wired and wireless radio. And, as a minimum, to motivate participants to speak into the microphones are placed several speakers (sound system). In the halls of 30 people, sound system is needed at least for speech speaker was heard all participants. To manage all microphones (even if it has one) and speakers, you need a mixer or other audio devices that improve the sound of the conference.

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