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  • Petersburg Metropolitan

    SUE "Petersburg Metropolitan" has bought for his museum audio guide system Peinvox.

  • Kazan Electrical Plant

    JSC "Kazan electrical plant" carries on the manufacture of the meeting and presentation of equipment with the help of Radio Guide Company Reinvox.

  • Museum-Reserve "Red Hill" Kemerovo

    The Museum-Reserve "Red Hill" now has its own audio guide system with manual start of the company files Reinvox.

  • Plants of COCA-COLA

    COCA-COLA Company chose Reinvox for its 11 plants across Russia and currently uses more than 400 R-600 receivers

  • Gubkin Oil and Gas University.

    Univestitet State Oil and Gas in Moscow is the main institution of higher education Rosii oil and gas industry. For students learning foreign specialists University has acquired the system of simultaneous interpretation brand Reinvox.

  • Nissan plant in St. Petersburg

    The company Nissan has purchased for tours of the production equipment set Sennheiser Tourguide.

  • Museum of Battle Glory, Ufa

    National Museum of Military Glory in Ufa uses an audio guide with manual start manufacturer Reinvox.

  • Plant Ural Locomotives

    Plant "Ural Locomotives" has a very noisy production, but using the system Reinvox for tours, presentations and negotiations, employees and visitors to hear each other perfectly.


    The company "Auto Components Group GAZ" uses for tours of the factory equipment manufacturer Reinvox.

  • Volga trumpet factory

     Volga trumpet factory uses for excursions to the production of radio-guide system Reinvox.

  • State Philharmonic in Cheboksary

    State Philharmonic in Cheboksary on a government contract has equipped the room with simultaneous translation of speech to 270 receivers Reinvox R-600.